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What to Wear

Recommendations for the “Outdoor Classic” session.

Our Classic Session is designed to capture the timeless Childhood portrait piece of art for your home.   To create this archival piece, we have built the idea around simplicity and

natural tones.  This session will showcase your child’s simple, peaceful, and enchanted side of their personality.

Recommendations for an “Urban” Session

This session is created around the fun, energetic, and whimsical part of your child’s personality.  This session is about bright, bold, and imaginative clothing that steps out of your traditional style of portraits.

Recommendations for an “All About Me” Session.

Our “All About Me” session is exactly that!  This session focuses on what your child loves to do, enjoys playing with, and what their current interest are.    As children’s personal favorite toys and hobbies can mean a wide range of colors that will be incorporated into the images, classic denim and white on our cream, gray, or single colored background is best and will keep the attention on your child.  The pops of color from their favorite toys, books, etc. will  not clash with your child’s outfit, giving us the opportunity to create a versatile session that can incorporate anything your child loves!  Tones for clothing can consist of dark denim, light denim, white, light gray, or chambray.


*I have an outfit in mind that I don’t see here.  Will it photograph well for the session?

The above recommendations are what we have found to be ideal for these specific type of sessions.  However, at your consultation we will create a specific plan based on your goals and needs for the session.

*Do you offer children’s sessions outside of these options?

Absolutely.  We have had sessions in baptismal gowns, formal Christmas attire, tutus and more!  At the consultation, we can look at other background and location options for your session and create one specific for the occasion.